The perfect weekender bag to bring on a short getaways

Whether you’re planning a quick business trip or a couple’s getaway, SHe Travel Club members give their tips for the best weekender bag.

🚀 Measure your suitcase: Specially if you are flying. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) sets guidelines for cabin baggage, normally called carry-on in USA. As of 2022, the IATA recommends a maximum size of 22 in × 18 in × 10 in, including wheels, handles, and pockets. Airlines tend to be very strict. However, the best weekender bag is stylish and light, large enough to fit a few days’ worth of clothing, yet compact enough to stow in any compartment or tunk.

Use Marie Kondo’s method. For the guru of tidiness, the key is to roll the clothes, and store them standing side by side instead of stacked on top of each other. This way no weight is applied to the bottom items, which causes wrinkles. Packing vertically takes up less space too, allowing you to use the full height of your suitcase—plus you can see where everything is at a glance.

Think Tetris. The best way to fit everything into one weekender bag: fill every inch of space. And for that, use packing cubes. They come in all styles, colors, and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. One for underwears, one for t- shirts, one for shoes…It helps you keep your things tidy, and it ill be so much time saved when you unpack.

👗 Put your dresses on hangers. Before you start to pack, check the weather forecast. If you are taking dresses, or any delicate clothes with you, put them on a hanger, and under a plastic cover. Fold the whole thing into a Z shape.
Place the bag on top of the suitcase so your dresses won’t be crushed by the rest.

🗓 List your schedule.You know that you are going to attend a cocktail party (you might need elegant clothes) and on Sunday morning, a trip to the sea is planned (K-Way + sunglasses). Also think about the bath towels. They are now made of super absorbent fabric that fit in the palm of your hand once folded.

✔️ Choose multi-purpose clothing. A pareo is a beach outfit, but also a skirt to go to lunch or a scarf in the evening. Flip-flops can be used as slippers. A legging can be a pyjama. Better to take a pair of jeans than a very sophisticated dress. There are so many looks you can do with it ! Instead of a plain black tee, a plissé top is a simple yet elevated piece, perfect to pair with a pair of jeans for a party

⭐️ Avoid the «just in case». When you go on a trip for three weeks, you can take some things that might come in handy… or so you think. Of course, you can say to yourself “we never know”, but most of the time, there will always be a Zara not far away if needed.

🧴 Create your own beauty kit. Pour makeup removal, lotion and creams into small, soft, easy-to-fill bottles that can easily be cleaned and reused. An other idea: choose multi-purpose toiletries in smaller sizes. Indispensable shampoo-conditioner in one product, but with multi-purpose soap, you’ll be able to wash your hands and clothes.

🎒 Choose a backpack rather than a handbag. In addition to your papers and wallet, you’ll be able to add your computer, a book, sunglasses, masks, antigenic gel, a camera. It can also be used as a beach or hiking bag. Just add a small evening bag to go to dinner.

🧥 Wear what takes up space. Your coat or down jacket, your boots or hiking shoes. Scarves of course. And even your jewelry. Always more secure to wear them on you.

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