5 best addresses in Tel-Aviv by Valerie, Founder of SHe Travel Club

Tel Aviv, the perfect city to travel alone or with children.
Tel-Aviv is the kind of place where whatever the reasons you are coming for,
you will never feel alone or unsafe.

Valerie Hoffenberg

It is very simple to meet locals and start a conversation without feeling embarrassed. People speak to each other in restaurants or in the street. Sometimes too much or too loud, but always friendly.  If you have never been there you will first be surprised by the  diversity of the city…A mix between Orient and Occident.  

The skyline of  Miami and the colors and flavors of Orient . 

The old heritage of the ottoman empire combines with the modernity of the start up nation. 

In  Tel Aviv you can speak English everywhere , shops, taxis, but you will be delighted to hear it with such different accents. 

The typical guttural Israeli accent, but also Russian, German, French and Arabic.  

It’s one of the most culturally diverse places in the world !

Tel – Aviv, the best city for food lover

This diversity contributes to the excellency of the Israeli cuisine, which becomes famous everywhere in the world with famous chefs such as Ottenguy in London. 

Here food is serious stuff! Be prepared to discover an explosion of flavors.   

Art and music are everywhere in the galleries, in Neve tzedek or Shenkin.

As soon as you arrive try to book a concert at Abima or a  ballet et Dallal center. 

Sport is part of Tel Aviv “Art de vivre”

If you are a sport addict you have found your best spot . 

You can jog, bike or exercise on the beach. 

Swim in summer in the sea but also all year long at the famous gordon swimming pool . 

If you are looking for a Yoga class go to the Namal center.

Startup and tech. 

Tel Aviv is the heart of the start-up nation . If you walk on Rotshild blvd you might meet the founder of Waze or fiver . 

You can sit at the Café Kaiser or take a juice  in one of the many booths and be prepared to exchange with a young guy or woman who might just end a billion dollar exit  or if you dare to speak about your dreams might become an investor (it happened to me !!!)

But this is just a glimpse of Tel Aviv.. I will come back soon with more tips and information for family trips or if you are a woman travelling alone.  Stay tuned to discover our selection of SHe travel club certified hotels in Tel-Aviv ! 

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