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SHe label combines CSR engagements with profitability objectives for the hotels.

Videos, concrete examples, quizz, Do & don’t, PDF summary…
  • 2023 : How to prevent everyday sexism in your hotel, toward employees and female guests. 
  • 2024 : How to make your female guests feel safe in your hotel. 
  • 2024 : How to improve your female guests experience in your hotel.


E-LEARNING SHe Travel Club
  • More simple 
  • More recommendations 
  • More surveys  


More and more travel managers include SHe label as a compulsory criteria for booking hotels to meet their compliance obligations and CSR engagements. Your SHe label is a strong argument of differentiation of your hotel for travel managers. 

  • More format
  • More clicks 
  • Larger community
  • More simple to get direct booking


  • INTERNALLY toward your female employees

  • EXTERNALLY to meet expectations of corporations & Travel Managers

Get the chance to be rewarded at the occasion of 8th March ceremony co-organized with Hospitality ON

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2 Years Suscription + 20% discount if contracted before December 31, 2023

SHe travel Club wants to accompany you on the long terms to meet the expectations of female travelers both business and travel, this why we have implemented strong partnerships with CDs and HCorpo as SHe Travel Club is now a criterion of differentiation, this will soon be discriminant for hotels who do not have it.

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