Neevra, Port-Elizabeth, Afrique du Sud

Neevra, Port-Elizabeth, Afrique du Sud

I travel alone, and meet friends wherever I arrive. I spent a week in Athens alone last year, for the first time of my life. I am not a solitary traveler, even if I always arrive two or three days before my friends, to have time for myself, the « Neevra time ». 

I will intend to place my travels under the sign of culture, discover people and their history, and under the sign of luxury. 

My idea of luxury is : first of all, a fabulous view from  my hotel’s room. Everything revolves around this view: the hearty breakfast on the terrace, the patch of blue sky that I see between my toes when I wake up, the limitless horizon which make our eyes rest from screens. 

Safety is not an obsession, I come from Port Elizabeth, ranked as the 12th most dangerous city in the world. « She travel » entices me more by the services offered. 

-A man can sleep in a immaculately bed with the sheets pulled tight under the mattress; a woman wants a soft comforter cover. 

-A man takes a shower to relax, a woman needs a bathtub to decompress. 

-A man doesn’t mind the dim light in the bathroom, a woman has to take the flashlight from her smartphone in order to apply makeup.

Culture & Luxury places

Cape Town

According to the New York Times, it is the N°1 city to visit out of 52 destinations. Cape Town stretches between a turquoise sea, (the beaches of Clifton are worth the detour), and a chain of mountains. The famous Table Mountain is one of the 7 wonders of nature.  Sometimes the clouds cover the “table”, and cover on its walls like a white tablecloth. It is sublime, almost shamanic. I go to Cape Town to recharge my batteries, but also for the atmosphere. We are at the end of Africa, at the end of the world, and yet in the center of everything. Cape Town is full of artists and designers settled in Woodstock, a former warehouse district, with restaurants and bars along Albert road. As for the cuisine, a mix of Malaysian food and European know-how, Ipersonally love it

Don’t miss: the wine road. It starts in Stellenbosch, 30 minutes drive. It is the most famous wine district of South Africa, it is our « Burgundy ». The town of Stellenbosch is charming, with its Cape-Dutch style buildings, because the Dutch settlers who started the wine here in the 17th century.

Park Kruger (South Africa)

Watching antelopes, giraffes, a group of lions in the same day; in the evening, taking a shower under the stars, with a rhinoceros watching you;  sleeping under a mosquito net: a safari is an unique experience. 

I prefer eco-responsible lodges, with a minimal impact on the environment. I will not go to some camps where hot water is obtained by boiling it, and lighting is done with kerosene lamps, but I am increasingly concerned by Green issues. 

Don’t miss: take the road to the north, leave the bustle of the south, for a road lined with baobabs, fever trees, it’s a paradise for birds. We feel alone in the world.

Villefranche sur mer:

The first time I went there, I almost cried because it was so beautiful. It is more than luxurious and flashy; it is chic. I would like to live there for a month, maybe take some French courses. The Riviera is probably the only place in the world where you don’t feel like a tourist. Small markets,  local cuisine,  local wines, the beach, you feel you belong there. 

Don’t miss: the Ephrussi de Rothschild villa, you have to go there by bus, it’s the easiest way. It is a Renaissance style palace, with gardens, sumptuous apartments and an incredible view on the bay of Villefranche. 

What Neevra expects from a “She travel” Hotel

-Services: I’m not against a menu with white omelets and celery juice, but don’t take away the bacon scrambled eggs and basket of pastries!

A vacation means laying out in bed, so bedding is very important.  In the bathroom, cozy towels. In the room, feminine touches, like a bouquet of white flowers.

Security: I would love a cab service managed by the hotel. Not cabs driven by women only, because I was attacked once, someone put a knife in my back, and it was a woman. 

Instead I would like a service with information being noted: Neevra, departure at such and such time, with such cab, name and number of the cab.

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