How to get the most out of your ski trip (even if you don’t ski)

Ski trip are always keenly anticipated, and you will likely be itching to don your ski boots. Here are 10 tips for a wonderful stay!

1. Choose a suitable ski resort: Your teenagers want to start snowboarding, and you won’t be skiing much this year. Where to go? Advice +: Some websites select the best resort for you. Answer the questions: downhill or cross-country, family or solo, high or low budget, festive atmosphere or absolute calm… 

2. Prepare your body for skiing. A few weeks before departure, forget the elevators, walk up. If you swim, put on flippers. Advice +: Lean on the back of a chair with one hand and lift your leg like a ballerina: you will work on your balance, which is essential to keep equilibrium on skis.

3. Book your ski equipment. It must be booked in advance and online. And most of the time, prices are also lower online. Make sure you are up to date with your insurance. Advice +: Elan Voyager has developed the first foldable ski to be stored in your suitcase. 

4. Avoid the sun (as much you can). Be sure to pack a high protection sun cream. As you should reapply every two hours, choose a small size to take with you, along with the sun stick for the lips, which can also be applied to the cheeks. Advice +: More than 15 minutes in the sun = protection.

5. Make your ski trip healthier. Have a good breakfast, a salad at lunch, then a normal dinner. In the afternoon, go easy on sweets and fats, but don’t be obsessed about it, you are on vacation after all! Advice +: Drink water to rehydrate yourself. For energy, snack on a cereal bar, dried fruit or almonds.

6. Be fashion. Balmain and Rossignol, The North Face and Gucci have teamed up on the chicest collection of skiwear. As well Prada, Fendi, Dior released ski capsule collections that strive to combine style with functionality. A pair of Dior gloves can change everything.  Advice +: avoid the total designer look.

7. Enjoy spa moments. Indoor and outdoor pools, saunas, Ayurvedic massages, Finnish baths, hot stone treatments… the list is endless. It makes sense to have a massage to soothe all your weary muscles after several downhill runs, but they are so good that you might spend the rest of your vacation at the spa! Advice +: if after spa, the you decide to go to the movie, for dinner, or even to the disco, it is better to start early and don’t go to bed too late. Fatigue is the cause of many accidents.

8. Don’t miss the chance to take good pictures. Snow and mountains are very difficult to photograph. Avoid the horizontal direction with a smartphone even if you want to capture the panorama. The portrait mode is more suitable for mountains, skiers, peaks… Advice +: during a walk, focus your camera on natural elements like an old dead tree or a rock with lichen.

9. Adopt  a “Go Green” attitude. Everywhere in Aspen, Colorado, you’ll see the same slogan: “Give a flake about climate change!” Aspen claims to be the mountain resort which is most involved in the fight against global warming. No matter where you are, there are plenty of small gestures you can make: buy local products, reduce water consumption, motivate everyone around you for a zero waste day. Advice+: choose an eco-responsible resort, committed to protecting the environment.

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